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Mahaveer Talkies the parent company of collects your personal information for the sole purpose of sending the products to you at your shipping address mentioned.
This privacy policy provides concisely the manner your personal data is collected and used by Mahaveer Talkies on the Website. As a visitor or customer to the website, you are kindly advised to read the privacy policy carefully & then access the site. By accessing the website you agree to let us use the data collected and use of your data by Mahaveer Talkies as mentioned in the privacy policy.

Services Offered & Overview

You shall visit the site & may order or browse the website. Till you browse, no data is collected from your end. But as you go towards ordering the product, you will be prompt to sign in. The information collected i.e. Name, Address, Date of Birth, Gender, Telephone/Mobile Number, Email id, location, occupation, the way you got to know about the product etc.) the information about the pages on the site you visit is all done to understand the requirements coming from different destinations & put more efforts to betterment each day on the e=website services. This information will be kept secret on the server & will not be shared with anyone.


The website is available for all, however you should be at least 18 years of age as per the Indian Contract Act, 1872. If you are under 18 years of age but at least 13 years, you may use the site only under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian who agrees to be bound by the terms & conditions mentioned on the website. If you are minor & your parents or legal guardian is a registered user then you can transact on the website on behalf of them.

Website Access & License

Mahaveer Talkies grants you a limited access of this website and sub-license to make personal use of the product sold and not to download and=y picture or content, modify or upload without the written consent of Mahaveer Talkies. This license doesn’t include any sale or franchise rights of the product or the website or collection of the content and pictures for any downloading purpose. The website or the product on this site may not be duplicated, reproduced, sold, resold, visited or otherwise exploited for any commercial purpose without a written consent from the Mahaveer Talkies. You may not frame or utilize and trademark including the text, image, page layout or form of the website of Mahaveer Talkies’ . You may not use the meta tags, description tags or any other hidden text without the written consent from Mahaveer Talkies. Any unauthorized use terminates the permission or license granted by Mahaveer Talkies.

Registration & Account Obligation

All the guests/customers will have to login for placing orders on the website. You have to keep your registration & account details safe so that no other person can temper your order and the details current and correct for communications related to your purchase from the website. By agreeing to the privacy policy, terms & conditions, you agree to receive promotional communication and newsletters upon registration on the website. If you do not wish to receive mails & promotional communications from then you may write to


The product sold on the website is the MRP unless we have specified some special discounts or rates. The price of the product mentioned on the website at the time of placing the order will the price charged at the time of delivery if placed through Cash On Delivery.